Are Blueberries Boosting Children’s Reaction Times By 9%?

Fruits are main commonly source of vitamins which increase the amount of immunity in the body as well as roughages which improves digestion in the stomach preventing constipation that’s why is highly encouraged for young children to consume since they are highly vulnerable and sensitive to contamination and infection to disease as result of their growing and unstable development of defense system in the body.

Blueberry fruits contain flavonoid which has many know benefits such antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect enabling restore cellular health resulting to healthy body condition through neutralizing the inflammatory effect of the bacteria and disease-causing is well known to prevent cancer and heart attack.

Blueberry has been outstanding and of great benefit to young growing children by increasing its reaction to children in an admirable way. Blueberry which is rich in flavonoid usually taken in direct fruit form or juice. From the study and research, most of the children consuming rich flavonoids blueberries have improved their reaction by nine percent which any loving parent would wish their young ones to consume and experience the amazing effects.

Some of the reaction include, a finding that it increases the level of children concentration in school. The study shows 70% of the students who feed on blueberry execute quickly and accurate the work provided to execute with a computer with little effort. This is highly recommended for young visionary children to take a glass of blueberry juice every day in the morning before going to school increasing their chances to notice every small detail in their study since their concentration is extra high. Subsequently, this would provide an increase in performance in their examination enabling getting a high grade as well living a healthy life.

Young intelligent children who are pursuing to achieve their goals through education with the dream to attend well recognized competitive and world-class university such as Havard, Oxford and Cambridge are encourage to take blueberries since it boosts brainpower. The presence of flavonoid in the blueberries fruits have the effect to increase blood flow to the brain enabling transfer of information between cells. The tremendous result will be obtained if one ensure their children feeds with blueberries in daily basis after a month his or her grades will improve while maintaining the same effort in their education.

Research has also discovered that consumption of blueberry has increased effect on vision, it would of benefits help for children consuming blueberry since it will increase their ability to see small details in their books which may be ignored as well seen what is written on the board or project wall. The amazing benefit of blueberry is that it has when taken by children at their younger age it will have age slowing impact to them as they mature, they will look younger than their real age. Actually, everyone wishes to remain young which its impossible but only slowing aging and maintaining a healthy living. Parents are highly encouraged to provide and enlight their children the importance and benefits obtained by consuming blueberries. What a miraculous fruit it is indeed. Start munching!

Nonye S.

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