4 Low Calorie South African Dishes You Can Enjoy

South Africa is a melting pot of cultures, thus inevitably become a melting pot of food recipes. Citizens of the world who have made South Africa their home brought with them a diversity of ingredients and cooking styles which have merged beautifully to form unique foods from the Mzansi. The diverse practices within the country- farming, fishing game hunting etc, have only served to enrich this diversity of recipes.

That said, South Africa has not been left behind by the evolving world’s need to observe a healthy diet as a requirement for healthy living. The number of calories in a serving has become a major concern especially for people working towards weight loss.

Here are four great South African recipes you can enjoy while still maintaining a low-calorie diet:

Bobotie (411 cal)

The main ingredients in this one are a lean lamb and dried fruit. The meat is minced and cooked together with butter, white bread, garlic, mixed herbs, skimmed milk, and eggs. The lamb is first fried together with the onions and seasoning for 15 minutes.

The skimmed milk and eggs are then beaten together and poured over the lamb, then the entire mixture is baked in a pre-heated oven for 35-40 minutes. The milk-and-eggs topping should turn golden at the end of the cooking.

Chicken Curry Potjiekos (427 cal)

The potjiekos is probably one of the easiest recipes to prepare. You simply add all ingredients to the pot and allow to cook for two hours while regulating heat and adding red wine as required. The main ingredient here is chicken thighs (1kg serves eight people), potatoes, red wine and tomato paste.

You begin by cooking onions and garlic together for two minutes, then add tomato paste and cook for another two minutes. The meat and potatoes are then added together with a glass of red wine and left to simmer, with more wine being added as needed.

Tomato Bredie (365 cal)

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The bredie is a stew of beef steak, tomatoes, chicken cubes, and potatoes. It is best cooked slowly for two hours together with seasoning prepared at least a day earlier.

The seasoning, onions and chicken cubes are first fried in a pan before the meat is added and the entire mixture moved to a pre-heated oven (160 degrees Celsius) and left to cook slowly.

Kwa Cheetah Mfino Gnudi (147 cal)

The dish whose name is inspired by a cheetah preservation drive in Kwa Zulu brings together Rosa tomatoes, brinjals, garlic, chicken/vegetable cubes, the vitamin-rich mfino gnudi and a little white wine to make a tasty stew all for just 147 calories.

The ingredients are chopped and added one by one starting with the brinjals and ending with the tomatoes. The entire cooking process takes 30 minutes.

Aiming to stay healthy is no reason to forego enjoying some tasty South African treats. The above recipes allow you to indulge while at the same time maintaining a healthy regime. You should juggle between recipes to ensure your body keeps getting all nutrient groups and avoid falling into a routine.

Always remember that watching your diet is only one aspect of healthy living and weight loss. These recipes are not magic potions; you will need to complement them with other fitness practices like exercise and enough sleep.

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