6 Tips That Will Help You Maintain Healthy Hair

Taking care of your care isn’t always an easy job. As I often say, the hair has a life of it’s own. It’s one thing on our bodies that we don’t always understand. They may start falling off due to weather conditions, bad diet, stress, and many other reasons, leaving us confused. Yes, you’re not alone, we’ve all been there. But some of the tips below may just help save those luscious locks. Here are 5 tips that will help you maintain healthy hair:

1. You should only shampoo from your roots to the mid-shafts of your hair. As you rinse your hair, the rest of it will be cleansed out.

2. Say no to silicone, sulfates, and alcohols in your shampoo and conditioner.

3. Say hello to honey! It will help keep your hair moisturised, plus its antibacterial properties will improve dandruff. It won’t leave your hair sticky as you might think, it’s actually very water-soluble.

4. Get hold of coconut oil. It helps combat dry hair and will not leave your hair greasy.

5. A silk cap works wonders when you’re going to bed, or make sure your pillowcase is make of silk. All that tossing and turning around at night can wear out your hair, but silk is soft on the hair and will prevent breakage and loss of moisture.

6. And don’t forget your diet, after all, you’re what you eat. Eating a lot of leafy vegetables and healthy fats such as avocados can make your locks for shiny.

Nonye S.

Nonye is a mum of 6 who is passionate about fitness after loosing a lot of weight due to a change in lifestyle. She started Nonye's Healthy Living blog to share her health, fitness and weight loss journey with those who face weight and fitness struggles like she did. Join her on her amazing journey to good food and good health.

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