10 Benefits Of Green Tea

Three are three main types of tea; black tea, green tea and white tea. These are different because of the method they are processed in. Black tea contains caffeine which is not the case with green and white teas. Green tea is an un-oxidized form of tea which contains anti oxidants and polyphenols like flavinoids and catechins. White tea is the least oxidized among the three. Green has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes in China and Asia.

Here are some main benefits of drinking Green tea.


Green tea is a great for weight loss because of its fat burning qualities. Green tea increased the metabolism rate and helps in digestion and cures in digestion as well. Polyphenols are responsible for increasing the fat oxidation rate in the body.


Green tea has many anti oxidants that prevent the chances of cancer. green tea prevents esophageal, prostate, lung and skin cancers. It also kills cancerous cells without damaging the healthy cells. Polyphenol present in green tea reduce tumors present in the body.


Green tea reduces the LDL ( low density lipids) or bad cholesterol in the blood stream and improves the good and bad cholesterol ratio.


Drinking green tea lowers blood pressure, and clears arteries and veins due to its anti oxidant properties. It also reduces risk of high blood pressure from occurring if a person has a history of blood pressure in family. It cures many cardiovascular diseases.


Green tea is a great miracle drink for skin care routine. IT clears skin and treats acne and other skin conditions. It clears and purifies the blood and gives a glowing skin. It reduces sun damage and sun tan. It has anti oxidants and anti inflammatory actions that help keep skin glowing and fresh.


Green tea is rich in amino acids Theanine which has great medicinal value and effects. Theanine has a relaxing and tranquilizing effect which calms anxiety and cures depression. It also improves mental health and boosts overall mood.


Green tea is good to prevent type 2 Diabetes. Consumption of green tea by people who are at risk of diabetes, have a history of diabetic parents, or have diabetes reduces and keeps the blood sugar levels in check.


Green tea has anti inflammatory action which cures inflammation, and fever. It acts as anti viral and antibacterial due to catechins present in green tea. It kills bacteria and viruses and improves immune system.


Green tea reduces bad cholesterol from the blood and also reduces blood pressure, thus reducing risk of stroke from occurring.


Drinking green tea is good for boosting and improving memory. It is also good for reducing the onset and effects of Parkinson and Alzheimer. It improves mental health and memory span.

Green tea is beneficial for overall health and has many medicinal and nutritional value as well. It is great for weight loss and fitness and for a healthy lifestyle.

Nonye S.

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