Merry Christmas To All Of NHL’s Lovely Readers

It’s that time of the year again, my favourite actually. Not only is Christmas a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, it’s also the day we are all forced to put away our busy schedules, work clothes, shoes hats and put our feet up. It doesn’t hurt to have one fine day, uninterrupted, with the family.

This year, as usual we’re having a pleasant family gathering. And although I am keeping watch on what I eat, I do indulge. What I’ve learnt is that as long as I go exercising the very next day, Boxing day, 26th, I rarely and almost never gain the weight after Christmas. If like me, you have kids and don’t want to seem anti-social or a party pooper at the Christmas table, and go on to indulge in some not-so-healthy foods, run to your treadmill tomorrow or simply go for a 45 min jog, keep it up for at least 3 days within the next 7 days, whilst eating reasonably throughout those 7 days and you’ll find that the usual “Christmas weight gain” is unlikely to catch up with you.

It’s really a great way to avoid gaining weight and then running to go sign up to a gym in January when the weight is already gained. I used to be one of those who ran tot he gym by mid-January, after sitting around and over-indulging from 20th Dec to mid-January. Leaving it for so long simply results in more weight gain, which as we all know is harder to lose. Take the challenge, join me on the 26th December, get on that treadmill or go for a run or the gym. Even a good cardio at home, for at least 45 mins to 1 hour will burn off some if not all of those calories.

I wish you all and your wonderful families a very Merry Christmas!

Nonye S.

Nonye is a mum of 6 who is passionate about fitness after loosing a lot of weight due to a change in lifestyle. She started Nonye's Healthy Living blog to share her health, fitness and weight loss journey with those who face weight and fitness struggles like she did. Join her on her amazing journey to good food and good health.

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