10 Reasons Why You Should Start Juicing

Juicing offers a lot of life-improving health benefits. Some of these benefits include, but not limited to an improved metabolism, a lowered blood pressure, promotes growth of healthier hair, helps in the fight against skin diseases such as acne and leads to an improved digestion. It is also an easier and a faster mean for absorption of immune-boosting nutrients which are found naturally in vegetables and fruits. Juicing gives an easy access to digestive enzymes which are usually locked deep down inside the fiber matrix of vegetables and whole fruits. Unlike most commercial juices, fleshly juiced vegetables and fruits contain an abundance of phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins.


Although juicing was not popular in the last several decades, it is now an ever-growing activity in most households, thanks to the man named Joe Cross. Joe chronicles his journey in which he lost over a hundred pounds of extra weight in his film “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. Prior to shedding of the extra weight, Joe’s obesity had caused him to suffer a crippling autoimmune illness. His film has received a lot of positive reviews and it has brought a lot of motivation and encouragement to people who are also battling with excess body weight. His success to lose weight through juicing has greatly increased the popularity of juicing. Through juicing, a lot of people who were previously overweight are now leading a healthier life.

The health benefits resulting from juicing cannot be limited. Explained below are the ten top reasons why you should start juicing, regardless of whether you are overweight or not.

1. Increased energy

Vegetables and fruits are full of important vitamins and nutrients. By juicing, you take in a healthy combination of antioxidants and nutrients which increase your body’s energy levels.

2. Juicing detoxifies your body

The antioxidants present in juicing produce cleanses out the bacteria and waste that your digestive tract may be finding difficult to pass out.

3. To keep your body well hydrated

Daily consumption of juiced drinks is a sure way of taking care of your hydration needs. Proper body hydration prevents a number of health problems such as constipation.


4. Juicing is said to be an alternative for cancer treatment

According to the Gerson Institute, plant-based diets have cancer-healing qualities. Juicing is a core component of this therapy.

5. Blood pressure control

According to a recent study by the American Heart Institute, drinking about twenty ounces of beetroot juice daily significantly reduces blood pressures.


6. Immune system improvement

Fruits and vegetables contain phytonutrients which is a defense mechanism from UV lights. When these phytochemicals are consumed from vegetables and fruits, they improve the body’s ability to fight diseases.

7. Juicing promotes better sleep and relieves stress

If you are suffering from insomnia or stress, consider drinking a juiced drink that has spinach in it. Spinach has tryptophan, an essential amino acid that produces serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical widely known for fighting sleeplessness and stress.

8. Juicing can improve a person’s libido

Juiced drinks made from bananas and watermelons contain high levels of potassium, a mineral that significantly improves both male and female libido.


9. Achieve skin which is healthier

Drinking your vegetables and fruits helps to remove any build up from tissues and blood. This restores your skin’s elasticity and alkalinity.

10. It fights aging signs

Juicing fights aging signs since most fruits and vegetables contain elements which fight the free radicals which cause aging.

Nonye S.

Nonye is a mum of 6 who is passionate about fitness after loosing a lot of weight due to a change in lifestyle. She started Nonye's Healthy Living blog to share her health, fitness and weight loss journey with those who face weight and fitness struggles like she did. Join her on her amazing journey to good food and good health.

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